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Bruschetta is one of the most typical and eated plate in Italy. It's very easy to cook: it's just toasted bread (italian bread of course!), with salsas on it. The most commmon is the one with oil and garlic: you just have to rub agarlic on the slice of bread and add extra-virgin olive oil on top! If you like you can try it with black truffles or tomato sauce on it! For the black truffle bruschetta, you need to add on the slices of bread a sauce made of oil and puree of black truffles. If you want to try tomato bruschetta, you just have to cut tomatoes in small pieces, add oil and basil and leave it in the refrigerator for one hour or two, then add the sauce on the toasted slices of bread! Why don't you try your own bruschetta and then share your experience with us?